on DVD after 30 Year Disappearing Act
by The Squad MC

Directed by Ivan Dixon
Story by Sam Greenlee

Oh shit. THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR is back? The whole world was aware of the horrible injustices that blacks faced in the U.S pre and post 1960'S America . In 1973, SPOOK was ready for distribution from United Artists but when the studio big-shots saw the final cut of the film, all bets were off and somehow the film disappeared. Many believe that the feds pressured the studio into destroying all copies of the film but who cares now?

Obsidian Home Entertainment has worked tirelessly to find films like this and has created a special digitally remastered anniversary edition of the film. First, the story existed as a book that was in limited distribution and then became a film that  America was not ready to see. Dan Freeman, the "spook who sat by the door," is enlisted in the CIA's elitist espionage program as its first Black agent.  He masters the entire guerilla warfare game and everything the CIA throws at him to test his metal in passing the program. Upon passing, he is ripped by his menial job assignments in the copy room and as a receptionist outside the big-man's door. Dan leaves the CIA and goes back to Chicago to put his training to work. What ensues is a serious look at a fictional para-military operation when the oppressed have finally realized that they must fight back for anyone to be free.

Shot with extremely low funds the film is surprisingly well made and captures a moment in America where intelligent blacks had simply had enough of limited opportunity and outrageous problems within corporate America .

For film-lovers of all races, this film is a Must See as it captures the type of black characters rarely distributed by the mainstream operations. Art is a reflection of life and unlike anything from the 1970's, SPOOK captures, scares and rattles anyone that dare see it. Don't be scared, pick it up today.



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